Rubbing the smooth belly of a shark

Fascinating information!!

Consciousness creates reality

“Blood is drawn from the chin, neck, or the tips of the fingers and the affected areas remain sore for several days afterward. A number of contactees have had a reddish mark on the side of their neck, just below the ear, and recalled that an entity had touched them there causing them to pass out.”


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Spirit Animals

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Psychedelic Mushroom

Original Painting on Wood…” Psychedelic Mushroom”… cover to our latest Album!!psychedelic Mushroom JPG.JPGGo to our Reverbnation page to hear some demos of our sound! Check out Videos I made of our Original Music on Youtube Subscribe and see our next cool videos when they get published!! If you become a fan and send me an email to… I will send you your choice of an Mp3 of one of our tunes , Or If you send me your address I will snail mail you one of our Demo Cds for free!! You can choose the format that you want to hear your music with.

Art Shows

Time Time…. Make some time! There is never enough time in a day!! Getting ready for shows… Finish this piece and that piece in time! Oh no its time to go to my day job ahhhh! Do some social media! Here goes folks Hope you can come to the show!!!image001.jpg we need volunteers Just 2 hours of your time!

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Ravens and Goddess

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