Wow what a challenge it is for a non-techy to figure out how to convert photos into the correct format to upload into this web blog.


Snow Queen Painting.

snow Queen


Here is a picture I painted for a box. This is my interpretation of the Guadalupe Mary. I make icon prayer boxes. For people who like to worship to a deity through an image that can be illuminated on an altar.


The Life of an Artist

This is a blog about life as an Artist. Some people think it is a gift to be able to create and paint and make beautiful images that are pleasing to the eye.

To be an Artist in this piece of time is a challenge. One must create things that others will buy so that you can maintain a standard of reasonable living.

I will post frequent blogs about how I create, market, and manage my art in this little corner of the world. What I experience and what I do to become inspired. The foods an Artist eats; recipes in vegetarian cooking