Tiny Butterfly Cat doll

Tiny Butterfly Cat doll

Originally uploaded by tessimal1

Enjoy your new adopted “Celestial Cat”.

He is totally flea less .

He won’t scratch, bite, or leave smelly prizes in the litter box, or potted plant.

He’s fixed so he can’t spray the curtains or furniture.

You can hug him and squeeze him all you want he wont cry or beg you for food.

This tiny black slyvester kitty is only 2 1/2″ tall, pick of the litter.

I have made 100’s of cat dolls this one looks like a cat my brother had in high school named Snooka. What a cat, he had the biggest eyes and had short stout legs. He would do pull ups on the door frames. My brother would catch him on his shoulder. Geoffrey named him after that wrestler Jimmy Superfly Snooka. He would occasionally hunt mice in the house.


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