Ravens and Goddess

Regarding Ravens Calling the Goddess…http://www.cosmicgoddess.org..One enchanted evening, something amazing did happen! Tess & Linda were looking out at the Great Atlantic, anticipating a rare show of the Northern Lights. The opening act was Taurus the Bull Moon.. mooving slowly as its roundish reflection sparkled on the ocean waves. Suddenly an enormous blue-black raven majestically swooped into view with a loud “CAWWW!” Soaring & dipping, he demanded an adoring gaze from his female audience, so they happily granted the royal pecker his wish. And as they smiled up at him they were instantly struck with the very same thought – an idea really, and a good one!

As they stared at each other dumbfounded, the raven quickly flew off with a final Caw, Caw “CAWWWSMIC!” “What the..?? Did you hear that? OMG he just squawked COSMIC!” According to the Inuit story of Creation, the Raven is both the Creator and the Trickster, and now Tess & Linda believed it too! and this magical event brought about by the collaboration of the Cosmic Goddess Portrait.


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