Psychedelic Mushroom

Original Painting on Wood…” Psychedelic Mushroom”… cover to our latest Album!!psychedelic Mushroom JPG.JPGGo to our Reverbnation page to hear some demos of our sound! Check out Videos I made of our Original Music on Youtube Subscribe and see our next cool videos when they get published!! If you become a fan and send me an email to… I will send you your choice of an Mp3 of one of our tunes , Or If you send me your address I will snail mail you one of our Demo Cds for free!! You can choose the format that you want to hear your music with.


Art Shows

Time Time…. Make some time! There is never enough time in a day!! Getting ready for shows… Finish this piece and that piece in time! Oh no its time to go to my day job ahhhh! Do some social media! Here goes folks Hope you can come to the show!!!image001.jpg we need volunteers Just 2 hours of your time!

RamTess New music Band on Reverbnation


Ravens and Goddess

Regarding Ravens Calling the Goddess… Read the rest of this entry »

Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

I love eating edible wild mushrooms . My favorite one is Chicken Of the Woods. It is a shelf mushroom which usually grows on Oak trees. You should always make sure you properly identify mushrooms before you prepare them for consumption. I always  by using google to check images of mushrooms and also by checking field guide books for proper identification.The best way to prepare it is to chop mushroom into 1 inch by 1/4 inch slices to equal 1 cup and put it in a saute pan with 3/4 cup of water with 2 Table Spoons of butter or if you are vegan Earth Balance Buttery spread and olive oil. Seasoned salt and pepper, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 /2 onion saute till water is evaporated add more butter or spread until onions caramelize.

These are one of the best tasting mushrooms . Some say they taste just like chicken. Being a vegetarian for over 5 years now. I never ever really miss eating meat. But I always enjoy mushrooms since I believe they are the closest tasting food to meat. So feel guilt free when you enjoy eating a meal with juicey delicious mushrooms!

Tessimal’s Celestial Dolls at East Village Gallery

Hi Folks! Tessimal’s Celestial Dolls and Fairies and Fairy Houses are on display at East Village Gallery on Union street in Easthampton Massachusetts, right next to Pace.

If you need a unique handmade gift this festive gift giving season, beat the rush don’t stand in line, and find an easy parking place at East Village, open 7 days a week 1-6pm and special holiday hours 1- 8 pm. Call Dianna  ahead    413 (563) 6021 to make a special appointment if you need a last minute gift and 8pm is cutting it close!

All types of hand crafted Artisan items! Jewelry, Scarfs,fairies,tile art,fairy houses, dolls plus more stop on by and take a look.

Buy local and support the Arts!!