Sasha and Tessimal’s Gypsy Heart Fashions for Styling Fashionistas

Come Make an appointment to view all of the fabulous Vintage fashions from Sasha of Gypsy Heart and Tessimal’s stash. Here is a recap of the fun you can have trying on vintage clothes!  Kimmy came over with Lindsey around 7:30 pm and they filled a bin with some fabulous fashions.

I went to the package store to get some organic Riesling and Merlot and they had fun trying on the Fabulous Vintage 1960s 1970s fashions. I took pictures of them, and some of the outfits will be listed on Etsy.

Anyone else out there in internet land can give Ol Tessimal a call and come over and fill a bin too. I call them the hold for layaway rainy day bins. Come back for a visit and spend how ever long you want looking through the 100s of items, put your favorites in a bin, I cook you a vegetarian meal we have a fun talking and listening to Loren play the Flamenco guitar that he made.

You can buy some of your items, that night, and I will hold the rest for when you want to visit again.
We all had a blast and Kimmy is turning 40 in September and is going to have a Flash back 1970s 1960s Janis Joplin Flower Power Hippy Chick Birthday Party! Everyone must be dressed in the proper 1960s 1970s fashions to attend the festivities. So get you outfit ahead of time here at Eastworks at Tessimals Apt 422.

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