Psychedelic Mushroom

Original Painting on Wood…” Psychedelic Mushroom”… cover to our latest Album!!psychedelic Mushroom JPG.JPGGo to our Reverbnation page to hear some demos of our sound! Check out Videos I made of our Original Music on Youtube Subscribe and see our next cool videos when they get published!! If you become a fan and send me an email to… I will send you your choice of an Mp3 of one of our tunes , Or If you send me your address I will snail mail you one of our Demo Cds for free!! You can choose the format that you want to hear your music with.


Tessimal’s Dolls and Fairy Houses Retail and Wholesale

Large Flower Fairy $30.00

Large Fairy House Kit $30.00

Fairy House Kit Small $20.00

Sea Cats

Tiny Mercat Pin $14.00

If you have any questions,  Please email me at: Thank  you!

2.Tiny 2 1/2″ mercat  These dolls make great 2 dimensional quilted illustrations  $14.00

Tiny Celestial Cats

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